According to Feng Shui masters, if you sleep, sit or work by facing your lucky directions, and make your front door face those auspicious directions, you would be blessed with good luck in attracting more money, achieving success in career, health condition, personal relationship or personal development. The elements of water and fire are known to weaken and corrupt the element of metal, so the colors associated with these elements should be avoided in a door that faces northwest. Realtors know this. The kitchen however has to be located at one of the negative sectors as kitchens have a special status in 8 mansions. In some communities, though, homeowner covenants may restrict the colors … Some of these colors include white, gray, bronze, brass, gold, silver, pewter, nickel, and other metal colors. The bagua map consist of 8 trigrams which are the very fundamentals of feng shui concepts. Many times a house sells itself right at the front door. Learn why Geomancy.Net adopts the Flow of Qi as the Frontage/Main Door Facing:-1. It generates it’s own energy map for a residence that is different to 8 mansions. Science admits that everything, both inanimate and animate, is made up of energy. The easiest way by far to improve the feng shui of your front door is to repaint it in a color suitable to feng shui element that corresponds to its facing compass direction. So do you feng shui a north west facing house? The compass direction determines the color of the door and the color and shape of the most beneficial door mat. North-Facing Doors and the Water Element. A general guide for how to feng shui a northwest facing house that anyone can practice with limited feng shui knowledge. The feng shui element of the northwest compass direction is metal, and the corresponding feng shui bagua energy of the metal element is the energy of Helpful People and Blessings. Feng Shui Front Door Color Facing North East. Besides the main door, kitchen door or opening should not face any bedroom doors or toilet door. Beside applying the Feng Shui tips for your main door entrance, you can also choose to attract positive chi with favorable colors of decors or accessories like door mats. The Feng Shui for your front door is probably the most crucial aspect of your overall Feng Shui. If the front door has a poor direction, it may violate the Feng Shui taboo. Feng shui home office rule 11. The front door, or main door of a home, […] However, the best direction would be northwest as this is the direction where the wealth star 8 arrives from. If you have a family without a middle daughter, then this does not pose a huge issue to you. From the above birth chart, it can be observed that the main door can indeed be located at the north area of the house because there is the presence of a favorable water star in the form of the 4 green star. The easiest way by far to improve the feng shui of your front door is to repaint it in a color suitable to feng shui element that corresponds to its facing compass direction. Metal Element Colors for West-Facing Front Door. stairs facing south but can’t be seen fr the front door. It can also be assessed that the back row of east and southeast are suitable for bedrooms as they have favorable mountain stars of 9 and 8 respectively. So a lot of people naturally that such a home would be perfect for a household where the patriarch is the main breadwinner to maintain the family. Feng shui masters like to apply both concepts to a house to find feng shui applications that satisfies both of them. On top of this, because the Li trigram is missing, the middle daughter would suffer from bad luck in general in almost every endeavor. This is a feng shui school of thought that is widely practiced due to it simple application and potency. That’s because your front door is the mouth of chi, the point at which energy enters your house. Theories regarding color are not always obvious. I’d suggest you to go through the article about feng shui colors ... House is facing south, garage is also facing south. Here’s the feng shui color list for front doors facing any of the 8 directions. The remaining 4 would be the bad sectors. Related Articles. Of course nowadays this is not always the case, so you need to think and decide as to whether this pertains to your needs and/or the desires of your partner or husband. And because the earth element is known to nourish and help create the metal element, the colors associated with the earth element—earthy, sandy colors, as well as light-yellow or gold colors—are also appropriate to a front door facing northwest. You can use the colors for the metal element to paint your door in a true feng shui manner. However, this is not a default feng shui assessment as there are various components to the energy dynamics of a property to determine whether it indeed has good feng shui. If the kitchen door or stove forms a straight line with the front door, then the Qi that enters the home will be demolished by the kitchen’s fire. Feng Shui dictates that blue or navy color is suitable for north-facing front doors, green or blue colors for east facing, orange or red color for south-facing and white or grey color ideal for west-facing front doors. It is then implied that the attributes represented by the trigram would be influenced by how this particular area of the house is designed. Feng shui home office rule 10. ... To ensure the positive qualities of this house, have some Metal energy at the front door. If the front door is attractive, the front and curb appeal of the home appealing, the house will enjoy good feng shui and the occupants will thrive. We will talk more about that later. Seeing this information, it should be instinctive to realize that the front door into the house should be located in the north sector of the house. If a occupant sleeps in a bedroom situated at the south, he or she could frequently run into trouble with the authorities due to the presence of the 3 jade. The house is `divided' into eight sectors. A front door facing northwest has compass reading from 292.5 to 337.5. Flying stars feng shui is another school of thought that is widely practiced today due to it mapping out a time dimension which practitioners can use as a guide to luck and unlucky periods. This is the Kou, or mouth of your yang abode. A northwest facing house is one where the Chien trigram finds it’s way to the facade of the property. So there you have it. It can be quickly observed that at the front of the house where the sectors of north, northwest and west are located, only the north is a favorable area with auspicious chi. The good sectors of the house is indicated as SC, FW, TY and YN in the above illustration. Improving Front Door Feng Shui . The water element is responsible for guiding chi into your home. 3 Ways you Can Feng Shui your Back Door (colors, elements, and position) Based on the direction (Feng Shui Area) Black is the color of money, but a black house won’t necessarily make you rich. Lucky Door Mat Color and Rules For Good Luck. You need to find the colors associated with your personal elements. Whatever you do, don’t sleep at the west as disaster is bound to befall those who reside at this area unless powerful remedies are put in place to counter to the unlucky star combination of 5 and 7. The main door faces North West and is regarded as the orientation of the house as a whole. Use good design sense when choosing good feng shui colors For example, color in feng shui means different things. 8 mansions basically divides the house into 8 segments that fall nicely into the 8 main directions. These Are the Best Front Door Colors According to Feng Shui There is little more important in your feng shui than your front door. So if the decision is up to you, a toilet or storeroom in this sector would be fine. Placement of plants to feng shui home office. Use green color in office. This simple example of how a feng shui affliction of a particular directional area can adversely affect residents in a household can be applied to every sector and trigram. Feng shui considers the main entry the gateway of chi -- or energy -- and painting the door the color of the direction it is facing is one of the best ways to harmonize it with its surroundings. To take advantage of this, decorate the front door or the surrounding area with wave-like patterns. We can then test if this analysis holds any water by bring flying stars feng shui into the equation. But the importance of the back door often flies under the radar. This makes that whole are suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms. Feng Shui Tips for Using Rugs in Every Room The element of metal is expressed through the colors of white and gray/silver. In the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui, the front door is knowns as the "mouth of chi," because it is through this portal that a house or office absorbs most of the universal energy that it needs to nourish your personal energy and well-being. A northwest facing house is one where the Chien trigram finds it's way to the facade of the property. For example, if a house is built during the period of 8 facing directly northwest, then it would have the below flying star natal chart. You’ll have a Feng Shui problem if the kitchen stove and front door forms a straight line. The crystal will stop the alignment and keep the energy from escaping. A door that makes use of square or round design elements, such as square windows, will also better support the metal element. The most important part of your home to attend to in terms of feng shui is your front door. South-facing and east-facing houses can fully embrace the sunshine, thus have the best direction. There is not one default 8 mansions natal chart that applied to all homes. 2. Use planters made from metal containers, or plastic or clay pots that are white or gray. Further, it is possible to experience health and financial problems. If you already know which direction your front door is facing, well and good, if not, a compass could come in handy. If your front and back door are aligned, cure this with a 40mm crystal. Add a doormat that is square or round or one that includes these shapes in its design. While a variety of design decisions can support the element of metal and the bagua energy of helpful people and blessing, the easiest way to make your front door support these themes is through the use of color. In feng shui, these choices are affected by the direction in which the door faces since each of the eight cardinal directions has its own energy profile and is governed by a specific feng shui element. The home sector, where the front door is and the direction where the door looks, reflects the head of the family. Just follow the trigram references that has been mentioned above. Selecting an auspicious color depends on many factors, but the most important factor is the direction of the front door and its feng shui element. In Feng Shi, the boundaries of the home are marked and guarded by 4 animal spirits represented by a black tortoise, a red bird, a white tiger and a green dragon. 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The main door, kitchen door and yard in one straight line i.e. Feng Shui door mat color should be chosen based on the door-facing … Traditionally in a Chinese family the man has always been the head of family. 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Green is your feng shui office color for success. Stairs facing the front door This is the one of the worst possible placements for a staircase, and unfortunately, it is fairly common in the West. The front door - even if you don't use it as the main entrance and just duck inside through the garage - is the mouth of chi, where energy enters your home. It can also be observed that the back of the house consist of 3 favorable sectors. In some communities, though, homeowner covenants may restrict the colors allowed on the exterior of your home. But for the regular homeowner who want to apply basic feng shui for peace of mind, this guide is sufficient to prevent you from suffering serious bad luck caused by feng shui afflictions. These 4 creatures not only symbolize the animal kingdom but also the north, south, east and west and the 4 seasons. Feng Shui for When Your Front Door Is on the West Side. Front Door: Facing West (In a previous blog, ... Feng Shui Front Door Ebook! So the topic don't arise at all during consultations with feng shui masters. I noticed that when people talk about the feng shui of the front door, they mostly talk about the door’s color, the direction it is facing, and whether that area is filled with clutter. Feng Shui teaches that the front door is the “Mouth of Qi ” or the portal through which energy enters and exits the home; therefore, it is extremely important. One exception is, if your bathroom is near the front door, a blue or black door … Blue, black, red, purple, orange, and deep pink are colors to avoid with a northwest-facing door. If there were less Wood element (the planter and the plant), then it could also be a great choice for a North facing front door. This means that the south section of a house for example, is where the Li trigram can be found. If we apply the trigram concept which was discussed earlier to 8 mansions, then it can be seen that the east can be an ideal location for the eldest son in the family to use as a bedroom. In addition to that, there is a common saying regarding this direction which labels it as an area where one would be drinking the northwest wind (喝西北风) when facing it. The best colors for a north-facing door are blue and black. How the energy configuration is determined is by identifying the sitting direction of the property. In case of a North facing front door, there is one more feng shui element that you can use for an additional choice of colors. The element of the West is Metal, meaning that the primary colors should be white and gray. 2. if the door is west facing, some metal should be placed next to it Because the front door facing west is the easiest way to attract rotten peach blossoms above Feng Shui. This means that it would be a Sun house and would have the below natal energy map. The door direction can either open towards the northeast, north or northwest. Each of the eight compass directions—N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW—has its own unique requirements for a front door with ideal feng shui. Read: All About the 5 Feng Shui Elements in Home Decorating To make it easy (and visual) for you, I have created two image galleries to illustrate — as well as give further info — on the bestfeng shui colors for a door facing each compass direction. This is why during onsite feng shui consultations, practitioners like to use this phrase as a joke when a house is deemed as inauspicious. 3 openings. The key attributes of each trigram can be observed below. You might suffer from a lack of recognition at the office and with your friends, but other feng shui concepts can help you enhance you luck in this life aspect as well. However, this is not a default feng shui assessment as there are various components to the energy dynamics of a property to determine … Each sector has a good or bad location. Include shiny metal-finish door handles, knockers, and mailboxes. It would also be desirable to have the living room at the north and/or northwest area of the house. For example, in an east-facing door, feng shui design would seek to nourish the wood feng shui element that "governs" this direction, while avoiding or minimizing the colors, shapes, and decor elements that belong to the elements of fire and metal, which are known to corrupt or degrade wood. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. Something you’d want to avoid is to have the kitchen at the front area of the house as this might put it in the northwest sector. This color is excellent feng shui for a front door that faces West or Northwest. This direct line will cause Chi from the entrance to be lost entirely through the back. Colors for interiors and exteriors are chosen to enhance the energy and then benefit the occupants. The following tips can be applied to improve the feng shui of a northwest facing door: Rodika Tchi is an experienced feng shui consultant who guides clients through all aspects of applying feng shui in their homes, offices, and gardens. For example, if a house is facing northwest, it would be sitting on southeast. The North West House. This can be observed at the northwest grid with the number 8 at the top right. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. A compass reading can be taken with a traditional compass or with a smartphone mapping app. If this is the case and you cannot paint the door an appropriate feng shui color, then focus instead on feng shui solutions that involve decor and other design elements that support the corresponding element. This is a reference to one who has nothing to do and going nowhere in life. Image credit: Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd. It’s also where the 5 yellow star of misfortune resides. Hang pictures of fish or the ocean near the front door. A north-facing front door lies in the water element, according to feng shui beliefs. In order of auspiciousness, then, the best colors for a front door that faces northwest are white, gray, light yellow, gold, and all earthy/sandy colors. However, those are just a few of many considerations, and you will soon discover that determining whether the front door brings good feng shui is not a simple feat. Replace the door with one that uses materials and shapes consistent with the metal element. For a west facing front door, it is important to choose the appropriate colors and other feng shui elements that will strengthen the flow of energy. A huge focus of feng shui audits concern the front door as it is regarded as the main entryway of energy into a home. The audited unit also come with another feng shui flaw. Feng shui call this as energy being rip off (扯水). So if the south area of the house is a missing corner, then it can be deduced that household members would constantly find obstacles blocking their progression to get more recognition at work. It is where the entire good fortune chi that is meant for your home enters and accumulates. A Charming White Color Door with A Strong Presence Hi Jessie, Thanks for all the love! Also keep plants inside the office-- especially the jade plant. One of the first steps in feng shui design, then, is to attract good energy into your home or office with a front door that is designed with strong feng shui principles. Kitchen in feng shui is “fire element”. Feng Shui Colors – Direction #6 – The North-West Metal rules North-West too; and North-West governs travel and helpful people trait of your life. It is also the color of wealth. And the middle daughter would be struck the heaviest blow. There are many taboos in the Feng Shui practice related to the positioning, size, color, and other characteristics of the front door. Creating a front door with good feng shui is a matter of making the appropriate design decisions, including the choice of color, shape, materials, and images or symbols. Be aware of poision arrows. This is a sterling example of "don't just follow blindly". However, do note that this guide does not take into account sha chi of interiors, bazi, external land form, etc. Feng Shui Pundit. The north governs luck in your career, so feng shui says that using water element colors promotes your financial state. Your front door is the mouth of your house – it is where positive or negative chi enters your house. Each specific feng shui element is expressed through specific colors. ... Feng Shui Front Door Facing West Directions Guide. Make sure you take the reading while facing outward and exactly perpendicular to the door and the front of your house. How To Feng Shui A Northwest Facing House. It states that the 8 trigrams each take up a position in the 8 main directions of a compass. So, if you’re the one who wants to travel the world for business or pleasure, then pay special attention to North-West part of your home. A part of this reason is that more and more people live in apartments without back doors. But this is only the general principle and it is not suitable for everyone, just as a pair of shoes can't fit everyone. The really good stuff is in our newsletters. Get exclusive feng shui insights that you would not find anywhere else. The element of Metal is nourishing for the Water element/creates it, thus Metal element colors are also good for a North facing front door. Green is a very soothing color. If you have fiberglass door, for example, replacing it with an entry door made of steel or wood will better support the metal element. So a lot of people naturally that such a home would be perfect for a household where the patriarch is the main breadwinner to maintain the family.