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Foot Health Check


We cannot stress enough the importance of healthy feet.

Consider that your feet are the foundation to your body and that any problems or potential problems may hinder simple walking, sporting activity and cause pain in the Feet, Lower back, Hips or knees. 


Treat a Foot Health Check like an MOT of your feet which will include skin and nail condition, checks for normal sensation and circulation and assessment of alignment problems within the feet which could lead to excess pressure.


After the Foot Health Check we can give advice on footwear and every day care of the feet. 


We do or should have our teeth checked by a dentist at least once or twice a year. We should do the same with our feet. Just remember you can replace your teeth but you can't replace your feet.



Diabetic Foot Care


The media are constantly reminding us of the potential damage that Diabetes can cause to our feet.


Why not have your feet checked or regulalry cared for by a professional who is trained in this area. As well as private practice our Podiatrist works as a Specialist Podiatrist within the NHS where he is dealing with "the Diabetic Foot" on a daily basis.
He will be able to answer questions and offer advice on Diabetic Foot Care.