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Nail Cutting


It may be that you just can't reach or find it difficult to cut you toe nails. More troublesome problems include thickened or ingrown nails or fungal infections. These and other nail problems will be expertly dealt with.


Ingrowing Toe Nails


An Ingrowing toe nail can be very painful and may cause regular episodes of infection. Conservative treatment involves the cutting back of the painful part of the nail and may involve a periodic preventative treatment. Where the condition is chronic with repetitive re-occurence of the problem, a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic may be required.


Corns and Callus


Callus ("Hard Skin") is unsightly and uncomfortable. If left it can crack and become painful.


Corns can occur anywhere on the foot. They can be extremely painfull and cause you to change your walking pattern (Gait) to avoid the pain. This can in turn lead to problems elsewhere such as lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain etc. 


Corns and callus can be reduced leaving you feet feeling a lot more






Verrucae (also known as Plantar Warts ) are caused by a virus. If left alone they may cure themselves. Failing this over the counter treatments from chemists can help. Sometimes more persistent verrucae may require a course of treatment from a chiropodist / podiatrist. In many cases this will resolve the problem.


The treatments offered here at Aliped Podiatry consist of sharp reduction (debridement) followed by cryotherapy (freezing) or chemical treatments (cautery) and sometimes a combination of both. You will usually need a number of treatments .


A more recent development called Dry Needling is also available for long standing verrucae or where other treatments have failed. This involves a local anaesthetic followed by multiple punctures of the verruca in order to introduce the virus to deeper areas of the skin (dermis) where the immune system is considered to be more active. This treatment is not suitable for all patients.


All treatments for Verrucae rely on an immune system response and as such there can never be 100% gaurantee of success.